Exclusive Seminar on Digital Tribes

Want to find your own digital tribe? Work with me in an exclusive four part seminar on the culture of digital tribes. Great for creatives, visionaries, entrepreneurs, researchers, educators, and organizers curious about the cultural life of netizens, the rituals and habits of social movements, and our signature crew online

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A unique interactive online seminar on the visionary culture of digital tribes. 

If you are a creative, you're not after Likes & #FFs by people who glance at your life's work & then move on to the next thing on their feed.

Your visionary work needs a dedicated fan base that instantly vibes with your shizzle. That's your tribe!  Your tribe will go to the ends of the earth for you to succeed and support you for the course of your creative life.

Join me LIVE for part 4:   TUESDAY Sept 1, 3PM ET

In this hour long FREE seminar you'll learn:

* about the hashtags, memes and ritual patterns that characterize tribal belonging online

* the steps you need to take to create your own digital tribe