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Look! You know beyond a shadow of a doubt that your life's work could have a huge impact. It's  just  obvious.

You also know that social media is where your work will find its greatest worldwide audience.

But getting your vision out on social feels so overwhelming and confusing.

When you log into Facebook you want to scream! There's so much going on. And the constant noise on Twitter leaves you feeling awkward, isolated and disconnected. 

In fact, you feel like there's little return on your investment in social. Right? It's like speaking into some cavernous void.  So why pour energy into it? 

Is this you?

Let me assure you about one thing: finding the digital tribe that aligns with you and your work is not about devising a strategy.  It is about knowing where to drop the needle on the community that totally vibes with you and your shizzle online.

What you envision is a dedicated community that...

* will keep engaging with your work, because you know the collaboration just makes it better.

* sees the value of your ideas, because that gives you the confidence to put it out into the world.

*  will join in on your conversations because they are also telling everyone they know about your work

* shows you everyday that what you do makes a huge difference because they willingly tell you how it affects them

I live online. And I know exactly how frustrated you feel when you put your vision out into the world and see it disappear into the void.

Since 2008, I have worked as an adviser to students, academics, artists, writers, and organizations to support them in tracking down their tribes and in sleuthing out their audiences online. For years, I've investigated the ins and outs of how groups form, live, and interact online so that you may connect to the community that will consistently see you and invest the time and energy it takes to make you shine and have your vision impact the world.

I'd love to get you started on scouting out your digital tribe with a complimentary session where we explore the challenges you face on social media. We will investigate your online space together and you’ll leave our session with a map that will direct you to the outposts and vast settlements where your digital tribe logs on and calls home.

I understand the needs of creatives and visionaries like you and can connect you with the innovative support options you need to make your mark.

When you apply for a complimentary session with me you’ll get the chance to speak with me personally. As your digital sleuth I will make a professional recommendation about what you need next to locate your tribe and have your work spark the passions of its broad devoted audience easily and in total alignment with your personal vision and values.

This is a powerful session worth $497, a gift from me to you.

I have a limited number of hours available to take on clients and my schedule fills up fast!  So I encourage you to apply for a complimentary session now.  Please only apply if you are 100% committed.

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